Spiritual Life Centre Mission Statement


                   Many of us are aware of profound changes in traditional religious practice and affiliation with religious institutions. Many people are involved with new expressions of spiritual yearning. Amidst this time of change the Spiritual Life Centre (SLC) aims to initiate a fresh conversation.

          The Spiritual Life Centre provides an array of opportunities to welcome and accompany the curious, the earnest searcher and committed faith person. Specifically, through educational initiatives, our website  and sponsoring small discussion groups, the Centre aims to help people explore a wide range of spiritual topics and questions both ancient and contemporary. Specifically, the Centre endeavours to help people find helpful images, language and resources for their spiritual questions and inner journey. 

          The structured events and informal gatherings will be open to all who are interested in exploring their inner life in local communities in Cape Breton and the eastern mainland. Online conversations with people farther afield is under consideration.

          Our website is: www. Spiritual Life Centre.ca. It provides a mission statement, poetry corner as well as selected links to spiritual centres and relevant sites. Presently our website is our reach beyond the geographical area mentioned above.

          The SLC organizes public presentations as well as cooperates with compatible initiatives in the community. Many voices, including presenters, scholars and spiritual leaders from a wide variety of religious traditions, science and professions will be engaged by the Centre.

          Our spiritual life events and that of similar groups will be timely posted on our website. Information about the Centre and questions about its vision and activity can be addressed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .We invite you to suggest spiritual life topics and names of recommended presenters.