Eternity is Now

Or so they have us believe,
our sign painters, our holy men.
What’s freely chosen is yours to live with
so you’d better make the right
choice and stick with it.

It’s a straight road all the way, no
switchbacks, turnpikes, cutoffs.
Just keep your eye on that clean white line
- gleam of tigers’ eyes and immanence -
and your home free.

So they’d have us believe,
our clear-sighted companeros
who don’t need to see the sun
going down on the left, the moon
coming up on the right.

Or like the madman in the marketplace
his lantern burning
- I am looking for God, I am looking for God -
feel in the bones the brief history that is time
turn like a tide against itself.

Faith without evidence, the inscrutable
certitude of the converted and the damned.
Say it one way or say it another
it comes down

to that afternoon in the Austrian Alps,
siphoning the thin air of mountain climbs

til you’re over the top and back again. Full stop.
Eternity now. Then catching sight of your alter
ego in the window of a tavern
in a town you’re no longer sure
you can call your own.


  From: A Geography of Souls by Kathleen McCracken. Thistledown Press Ltd. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan