Directional Statement for the Spiritual Life Centre
(July 2018)

Spiritual life is the search for the meaningfulness of life. It involves all of life, inclusive of the interdependence of body, mind, emotion,  spirit and others. The spiritual life centre invites occasional gatherings and networking of people who are searching and are intent on developing and enriching their inner life. It is more of a forum and not a building or an organization. The centre is a convergence of common interest in inner life and shared insights and support. Workshops and talks and a website will be a few of the gathering places.

We understand:

That spiritual life involves the body, mind, emotions and inner life.

That spiritual life is about a relationship to oneself, to others, to nature and the cosmos based on a deep interdependence with all living things. 

That tending the inner life is not private and solely a personal matter but entails caring for the community and reaching out to people anywhere so to insure a just and peaceful world.

We endeavour:

To respect and encourage the spiritual search and guidance of others on life’s journey and those people who are not yet on the path.

To support the spiritual searching and spiritual practices of others as well as their understanding of spirituality as each one endeavours to learn from others.

To honour the inner life or soul life of each and every person.

To share resources and provide cooperation and information where possible to assist individuals or groups in their spiritual work.

To avoid criticism or belittling judgements of the sources, guides and formative ideas of another’s spiritual quest.

To respect the many world religious traditions mindful of any prejudices and sensitivities that we may have toward religious institutions, dogmas and historic religious traditions as well as remembering to acknowledge that some people draw strength and wisdom from conventional religions

We come to appreciate:

The images of the divine and sacred vary for people.

Religions and spirituality are not opposed but can be overlapping and mutually supportive.